Sleep and emotional perception

Sleep affects people’s minds in all sorts of ways and in this study Sandra Tamm, from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, looked at the way sleep deprivation affected people’s emotional perceptions. She studied 117 people, using PET and MRI scans to assess brain activity and brain mechanisms in the context of sleep loss, allergy, and emotional regulation. She found that people who experienced sleep loss were more likely to interpret emotional stimuli negatively, more likely to have bad moods, and found it more difficult to regulate their own emotional responses. However, sleep deprivation did not significantly impair a person’s ability to respond appropriately to someone else’s pain.

You can read the whole of this article here.

About John Gale

I work as a medical librarian in the Joint Education and Training (JET) library at Leighton Hospital, Crewe. I keep clinicians up to date with the latest research, help them to find the best information about treatment and train them to find - and assess - high-quality information for themselves. I also help doctors and nurses find and write high-quality information for patients.
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