Shift work, sleep and fatigue

In this study Mikko Harma, from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, led a team of researchers looking into the links between shift work (with and without night work), sleep and fatigue. The team studied 3,679 full-time hospital employees and found that continuous shift work with night shifts was associated with increased fatigue and longer sleep. A change from day work to shift work – with or without night shifts – was associated with an increased risk for long sleep and a change from shift work to day work with a decreased risk of long sleep and fatigue.

You can read the abstract of this article here.

About John Gale

I work as a medical librarian in the Joint Education and Training (JET) library at Leighton Hospital, Crewe. I keep clinicians up to date with the latest research, help them to find the best information about treatment and train them to find - and assess - high-quality information for themselves. I also help doctors and nurses find and write high-quality information for patients.
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